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data-analytics, manufacturing

Designing cloud-enabled environment for cost and resource efficiency

About the Industry Manufacturing companies, especially those on valve manufacturing, have seen…

data-analytics, manufacturing

Solving business challenges and enterprise complexities by deploying open source tools

About the Industry With the advent of smart technologies, the manufacturing industry…

data-analytics, retail

Scaling infrastructure and handling traffic surges through capacity addition

About Industry The retail fashion industry is amassing radical transformation. Adopting an…

data-analytics, energy

Revamping the existing business process with highly agile Oracle Solutions

About the Industry The Oil & Gas Industry has seen many peaks…

data-analytics, retail

Improving renewal rate by leveraging data and identifying feasible drivers

About Industry The information technology industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation.…

data-analytics, bfsi

Implementing the Data Lake Solution to manage a large amount of data

About the Industry The banking industry is known for its diversified portfolios. …