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Implementing an ERP solution to achieve granularity in business decision-making

About the Industry Developing a brand as a culture has become one…

data-analytics, manufacturing

Designing cloud-enabled environment for cost and resource efficiency

About the Industry Manufacturing companies, especially those on valve manufacturing, have seen…

enterprise-applications, lifesciences

Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite solution for better inventory & cost management

About the Industry With the trend becoming patient-centric, the transformation of the business…

enterprise-applications, lifesciences

Deploying ERP Solution to mitigate logistics and supply-chain challenges

About the Industry Supply-chain & logistics are the backbones of any industry.…

enterprise-applications, manufacturing

Deploying a demand planning solution and automated enterprise-wide communication

About the Industry The business of plastic is evolving rapidly. With the rise in…

artificial-intelligence, logistics

Upgrading the existing tracking system to counter business challenges

About the Industry The logistics industry is the lifeline that carries business at…