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ML & Predictive Analytics

Make the best use of ML-enabled models to determine the future of your business. Deploy strategies that make you digitally independent.

ML & Predictive Analytics

Reaping Business Benefits with Highly Tailored Analytical Solutions

Data do decide the enterprise's future. And to realize the value of data-driven decision making, Bizmetric empowers its clients with solutions that are futuristic and moment-centric. Our innovative approach of intertwining Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics has delivered tremendous enterprise results.

Business Consulting

Our expert consultants help to optimize your existing business model with all new added features and functionalities. We empower and prepare the enterprise to face any complex business scenarios.

ML-enabled Modeling

We have a data science brigade who specifically works on automating the business models. Our highly organized framework help customers make accurate business decisions & tackle challenges easily.

Customized Solution

In the cutting-edge era, where the scenarios differ with each use-case, meeting the business needs becomes always difficult. To simplify the process, we gather customer's requirements to tailor our solutions.


Ways Business can Benefit with ML & Predictive Analytics

Futuristic Budgeting

The integration of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics collaboratively make future predictions of the business easy and quick and help clients adjust their budgetary decisions accordingly.

Optimized Campaigns

Organizations looking for cross-selling opportunities and customer responsiveness towards any product or service can rely on predictive analytics solutions for a better business profit.

Fraud Detection

To mitigate the alarming threat of fraud and malpractices, organizations are deploying behavioral analytics and ML-enabled pattern detection techniques to predict the unwanted occurrences.

Demand Forecasting

Predictive Analytics models are highly responsive to the business needs and account for accurate demand forecasting. Enterprises can make plans based on the projected data results.

Calculated Pricing

With ML-enabled models, businesses can optimize their pricing and define their strategies accordingly. They can stay competitive by identifying the loss making and unprofitable area.

Innovative Applications

Predictive Analytics produces proprietary models. These models, with their highly futuristics and value-added approach, are cost-effective, innovative, and ready to deploy.

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Manufacturing

    Case Study

    Implementing AI-powered insights for reliable network utilization

    We implemented AI Ops solutions to help the client solve some unidentified networking related anomalies. We saw an 80% reduction in manual operations and a noticeable improvement in the business engagement time. The network and capacity utilization of the organization improved by 20%. Our optimized solution delivered an exceptional result in lesser time.

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  • Logistics

    Case Study

    Upgrading the existing tracking system to counter business challenges

    We implemented the ML-based solution and helped counter frequent logistics & supply chain issues. We achieved real-time insights on weather forecasting. Real-time acknowledgement of cargoes and flights improved the business process.

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  • Energy

    Case Study

    Turning insights into vivid reality with matured data management

    We improved the decision-making capabilities of our client and helped them in saving significant costs. With improved operational efficiencies, our client witnessed 25–30% growth in operating income. The accuracy of making predictions improved, which in turn enhanced the decision-making capabilities of the organization.

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  • Life Sciences

    Case Study

    Unveiling Standard Ways of Cell Analysis and Particle Picking Through Machine Learning

    90% accuracy in automated particle picking is achieved, resulting in the formation of 3-D models with high precision. The entire process of the 3-D representation is automated, thereby leading to the removal of manual anomalies.

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  • BFSI

    Case Study

    Mitigating insurance and claim related issues through Machine Learning Solutions

    Mitigating insurance and claim related issues through Machine Learning Solutions

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  • Retail

    Case Study

    Transform your insights into business outcomes by harvesting demand intelligence

    Our Big Data experts automated the demand forecasting model of our client and analyzed the data obtained from multiple parameters. We obtained more than 90% accuracy in demand forecasting. We streamlined the budgetary process, sales planning, warehouse portfolio, and operations, and thus gained better visibility and accuracy.

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Why Bizmetric

Managing an Enterprise Network with Visionary Solutions

Bizmetric practices the seasoned methodology of delivering world-class solutions and helping enterprises accelerate their digital drive with predictive solutions. We take the ownership of delivering quality service to our clients, winning their trust through unmatched service delivery.

  • We produce result-oriented, state-of-the-art ML models designed purposely for the clients’ needs.
  • Our solutions help to scale your business, with the profit graph tapering upward.
  • We have a highly qualified team of professionals, and ML and Data Analytics experts.
  • We have a highly qualified team of professionals, and ML and Data Analytics experts.
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Empowering Business with AI-Enabled Solutions.

Right from the system to the data center, and from on-premises to the cloud, experience our AI-enabled solutions at each milestone of the digital transformation.

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