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Scale your cloud capabilities with the limitless advantage of Analytics. Frame future-ready, secured, and robust cloud solutions with Azure best practices.


We are Trusted Microsoft Partner for your Cloud Solutions

Bizmetric's Azure Cloud capabilities offer a comprehensive and robust platform for successful workload migration and applications development. Our enterprise approach provides a customized framework to understand the business requirements of the customer and thus, designs the best-fit solution for them.

Modernized Cloud Applications

We modernize the legacy system of application to keep the solution portfolio of the enterprise updated. Our approach reduces the overhead expenses and improves the application uptime.

Accelerated Cloud Migration

Our cloud consultants do a rigorous examination of the customer's enterprise architecture and plan the workload migration accordingly, meeting the security compliances throughout the process.


Our cloud-native applications modernize the solution suite and leverage the computing power of the customers. We deploy the latest software development practices to manage complex business scenarios easily.


Ways Business can Benefit with Azure

Cost Effective Methodologies

With the consumption-based pricing model, the customers pay only for the portion of the cloud benefits that they have availed. Our expert consultants make sure any in-house IT management related specific issues get resolved in a cost-efficient manner.

Sound Development Framework

In this rollercoaster ride of business interruptions, we provide multiple development tools to build and deploy custom applications. Our refined development process and the solution testing landscape help achieve the business needs in minimal downtime.

Compliance-Centric Approach

We help customers venture into the new era of security and data privacy. Our standards keep the data in compliance with the regulations set by the governing authorities and keep them legally safe, owing to the strict adherence to the rules and regulations.

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Manufacturing

    Case Study

    Designing cloud-enabled environment for cost and resource efficiency

    We deployed the enterprise cloud solution to improve the overall ERP performance of the organization. Our well-knit integration of the enterprise cloud solution with ERP simplified the day-to-day operations. The transformed technological landscape offered a clearer picture of expenditures and incurred costs. Our cost-effective approach to analysis helped lessen the financial burden.

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How we add value to your business

Uncover the Hidden Cloud Benefits with Azure

Bizmetric's cloud adoption strategies get aligned to the customer's business scenario and make the migration and the infrastructure development process smoother. To add intelligence to the business, we get into the insights of the data by implementing enterprise-scale analytics solutions.

  • We have successfully reduced the storage cost by 10 to 15% for our clients.
  • Our 99.99% availability help us stay consistent and focused on the business.
  • The geo-storage replication offers the best disaster recovery features to the customers.
  • Our hybrid platform strategy makes the enterprise more scalable and reliable.
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Our Approach


The cloud migration business objectives

Solution Outlining

Analyzing the business need and associated risk factors


Creating project plans, methodologies, and timelines


Going live with the finally approved solution


Ensuring continuous improvement effectively


Powering your Business with Actionable Insights

Critically examine the zillions of data sets to uncover insightful patterns. Personalize your enterprise experience with our highly reliable analytics solutions.


Meet the relentlessly increasing demand for business agility with the cloud solution that is in great demand. Capture the innovative consulting and reliable data migration feature of the AWS.

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Get ready to modernize your workloads with the multilayered security features. Adopt the GCP-enabled multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environment to build enterprise applications.

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Harness the potential of disruptive technologies with the best cloud practices. Yield maximum business benefits with the solutions that are imperative for your organization.

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