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Recommendation Engines

Narrow down your selection process with our Recommendation Engine Solution. Give an upward thrust to the business metrics for better customer satisfaction and retention.

Recommendation Engine

Leveraging Customer Experience with AI-based Recommendation Engine

Bizmetric's recommendation engine is the best example of an expert integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features. Our solution analyzes the historical data, user patterns, and user behavior and make recommendations based on customer preferences.

What We Do

We make recommendations that suit you and your enterprise the most. Our deep learning solutions analyze the customer sentiment at a massive scale and harness them for the best business results.

How We Do

We begin with the goal-driven strategies and deploy ML-enabled solutions to curate and automate the product portfolio. Our recommendations align with the user context, making the solution highly customized.

Why We Do

We strive to leverage the business value by integrating our recommendations with rich enterprise experiences. Along with discovering the relevant product, we take the utmost care of brand positioning.


Ways Business can Benefit with Recommendation Engines


Recommendation Engine cares for your personalized needs. With highly specific customer data management, it conducts rigorous testing and optimization processes, and bring out the best enterprise results.


The dedicated professional services of Recommendation Engine offers a unique and robust roadmap that helps the enterprise in discovering some of the high yielding future opportunities.

Superb Shopping

With the added advantages of Artificial Intelligence, Recommendation solutions deep dive into the contextual attributes of the customers and help them in making the relevant buying decisions.


The algorithms of the recommendation services drive a high-yielding conversion rate for the businesses, making them earn profit seamlessly. Customers can notice a remarkable improvement in their RoI with its implementation.

Better Business Choices

Your customers can take full advantage of the intelligence recommendations by making better choices within multiple options available.

Customer Satisfaction

Mostly your customers tend to look at product recommendation from their last browsing. Mainly because they think they will find better opportunities for good products. This helps you to retain customers

We serve multiple verticals

Experience our Diversified Industrial Exposure

  • Retail

    Case Study

    Generating Cross-selling Revenue with a Reliable Recommendation Solution

    We implemented ML-enabled algorithms to help our client scale the business across multiple product segments. Our client saw a rise in cross-sell from 10% to 15%, owing to the phenomenal improvement in the product recommendations.

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Why Bizmetric

Standing Out with Trust Winning Legacy

Bizmetric simplifies the customer's journey with its recommended solutions and ensure they get the best cross-sell opportunities. We think beyond the boundary of the web and ensure our recommended solution portfolio reaches the customers without any channel constraints.

  • We create a robust and audience-applauded value for our customers.
  • Our agile business framework offers a highly customized and open-end platform to its customers.
  • Our expert professionals work on the strategies and strengthen the core of your business processes.
  • Right from project kickoff to final deployment, our turnaround time is quick.
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